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Casting  : Mahesh Babu

Anuskha,Prakash Raj,Brahmanandam,Sunil,Venu Madhav,Ali,Najar,MS Narayana,Dharmavarapu,Tanikella Bharani,Shafi,Susheel Sherma,Sudha,Sree Ranjini etc..


Crew:  PhotoGraphy: Sunil Patel, Fights : Peter Hayens, Music: Mani Sharma, Editing: Srikar Prasad, Art: Anand Sai, Stills: Das,Co Directors:  Jasti Hemamber,Ravi Kiran,Seshu, Executive Producer: B Bulli Subba Rao, Producer: Singanamala Ramesh Babu, Direction Trivikram Srinivas



   Shooting is again postponed to 10th Feb and it will take place at Ramoji film city as we mentioned before and this schedule will be lasts for twenty days with patch work in the city. After that with in the span of a week the unit may move to Araku or Hampi (Near Hosepet,Karnataka) depends on the local conditions in AP. Till this movie shooting completes Mahesh Babu will not participate in other movie Shooting.
The Shooting is on stand awaiting permission from Delhi . A village is already selected in Araku for shooting incase they dont get permission from Delhi. Producer is not interested in fabricationg another set as the previous one got burnt in Telangana attacks


    Next Schedule Shooting will be canned at RFC from 22nd of this month. Fight sequences before interval will be shoot there and The final schedules location havent been finalised yet as art director Anand Sai is not convinced with the location saw at Chennai and search for the location is still in the hunt for art director and the Director Trivikram. The news came in news papers today as shooting will take place in Kerala  is not genuine as per our sources.



   Director Trivikram came back from Pollachy and he is not intrested to shoot there as it is very much greenary and the subject dont demand that much greenary for the back ground. The unit will move to Banglore if and if the location is finalised in Banglore and will shoot there itself till the film was completed except the songs. 




The next shooting schedule will start from 12th Dec in Ramoji Film City.

Vikarabad village set schedule will start from 5th Jan 2010. This schedule will last for 40 days and will contain scenes after interval.

The picture is expected to hit theaters by May 2010.




The movie makers are moving to Rajastan today. A scorpio hydrolic Crane will be used 1st time of the Indian Film history for this film to captuarise Rajasthan desert scenes which will be canned on Super Star Mahesh Babu, heroine Anushka, Sunil and Ali who are engaging them for 15 days.

The gang fight would be shot for 10 days ends with interval bang. It would be in the desert track.

Mahesh and the director would take off flight on 6th morning to reach Mumbai and 8th morning they would fly to Jaisalmer 



We are well informed of the slight change in schedule that, Mahesh would stay in Mumbai on 6th and 7th, joins the shooting on 8th November at Rajastan.

Editor Sreekar Prasad is refining the bits shot up to date.


Mahesh Babu is leaving to Mumbai on 5th to reach Rajastan by 6th to gearup the Shooting from 7th November.

Military has given permission to shoot from 5th to 7th in Rajasthan. As no shooting of Telugu Cinema Industry can be done in that period on the eve of Spandana Programm, a special permission has been taken from Telugu Film Chamber to continue shooting with others members on 5th n 6th and with Mahesh on 7th November.


Today the shooting is at Jayaberi club house with Prince Mahesh. Murali Mohan had a chat with Prince during the shoot. Aswini Dutt came to the villa to talk with Mahesh regarding the prodution of the new movie with Srinu Vytla as Director.

Tomorrow the shoot would be at Shankarpally.


Today evening the trail shooting is in the Cellar of hyper mall.

After decoration the actual shooting will be tomorrow morning

Mahesh hair stlye would be the one we saw in Athadu 'snow' song.


The set in Vikarabad is made of 100 huts reminding a slum area.

Another set worth 3.5crore is built to shoot one important scene and a song.

For shooting in Barista for a couple of days costs 1.5lakh and in ICRISATt its 50k. HyperMarket takes 2lahk and Hitech city 2.25lakhs per day.

After a week Prince will participate in Flood Spandana.


Shooting is at Barista on 19th and 20th showing Mahesh and Anushka under rain.

On 21st  CMR Hightech City and parking besides KFC would be the shooting spots.

The next day shooting would be at ICRISAT.

On 23rd fight scenes would be on roads of Shankarpally village and continued till 30th. 

The first half of the movie would be completed with a shooting campaign at Rajastan from 7th November till month end.

In december shooting is at Malaysia for a song and scenes showing Prakash Raj.

Another song in the village shows main crew of the film

The shooting completes hopefully, with a 45 day camp in vikarabad. 

In the last week of April or in the 1st week of May the movie gonna hit the Theaters. 


Fight scenes will be taken in the outskirts of the city for five days from 19th. Scenes showing hero and heroine will be shot upto 30th October. Prince Mahesh landed in Hyderabad on 11th night after the shoot was completed for UniverCELL ad.


The shooting scheduled from 18th will be at ICRISAT and Coffee Shop between Prince Mahesh and Anushka.

From 6th or 7th November the shooting would be in Rajastan.


After the Dasara Break the shooting is scheduled to start from 18th at Hyderabad with Prince Mahesh and Anushka which would last for 10 days. At Ramoji Film City a set is under fabrication for casting the fight scenes before the interval, would be captured from 1st of November.

Following this with a short break of 4 to 5 days the crew would be back to Rajastan to complete any bits left out.

Vikarabad would be the next shooting spot with a 45day schedule in a set which is under construction as of now.

Incase it doesnt get ready by that time, the crew will fly over to Malaysia for scenes showing PrakashRaj and one duet with hero and heroine.

Italy may be chosen to shoot one of the song. Another duet would be at Ramoji Film City in a set.


 Shooting is paused for a while due to festival season and will be resumed after 28th at Banjara Hills for four days and the follwing week at Ramoji Film City. Shoot at Rajastan would be after 15th of October.

Prince Mahesh is at Hyderabad for Dasara celebrations.

SuperStar Mahesh would be signing a new movie produced by Manjula over Indira Productions, Srinu Vytla being the director.


 Super Star Mahesh Babu Starring Kanakaratna Movies films Shooting scheduled from 21st to month end would be canned at Hyderabad. 

Some scenes at Ramoji Film City to screen up the fight sequence which would be just before the interval. The fight sequences which were rescheduled due to rains would be captured in this week at Banjara hills. The team will be leaving to Rajasthan in mid October.


The movie unit shifts to Jaisalmer,Rajastan on 9th September and the shooting commences from 13th and lasts till 5th October.

Fight scenes related to the first part of the movie and chase scenes with train and horse will be captured.


Mahesh Babu, Namrata and Goutam went on a personal trip to Malaysia yesterday and will return to HYD on 4th Sep.

Shooting will commence from 5th september for 4 to 5 days in Hyderabad. The crew will then move to Rajasthan for a month's schedule.


On 25th August Mahesh and Namrata are leaving to Malaysia and the shooting starts in the 1st week of september covering SuperStar and PrakashRaj.

From 11th September the schedule is at Rajastan and contiues for a month.
























  The shooting scheduled  at Hyderabad on  21st and 22nd has been postponed due to ill health of Anushka and the  photographer. It will commence again after the next schedule in Malaysia in the 1st week of September starring Mahesh and Prakash Raj.


Yesterday's shooting was delayed due to heavy rain. It has resumed today.

The shooting on  21st and 22nd will be at a house near Pedamma Talli Temple with Mahesh and others.


Yesterday's shoot with Mahesh and Anushka was near Peddamma Thalli Temple at Hyderabad. Namratha and Gowtam were present in the set.

Shooting continued today till 1am at the same place. The scene shot today where Hero (Mahesh) introduces Heroine(Anushka) to his mother(Geetha) was very fascinating.

Suresh Kondeti met Mahesh Babu to personally inivte him for Santhosham awards function. 


Today shooting is at Jubilee Hills in a rented house with Anushka. Mahesh Babu will join shoot tonight at the same place.


The compilation for the duet canned at Ramoji Film City is to be finlazed by Trivikram on 7th August.

Next phase of the shoot is scheduled from 13th to 23rd August at Hyderabad.

Scenes showing Prince Mahesh, Anushka and others will be picturised.

Shooting takes for 2 days at nights casting Venumadhav in this line up. 


Shooting is paused for today as the traffic clearance permission was denied, would be resumed from tomorrow at Shamshabad Airport Parking Area.


Scenes on Hyderabad roads are recorded yesterday night and will be continued tomorrow also @ Bajnara Road no-12 , showing Superstar Mahesh along with two other artists from Mumbai.


Fight scenes are being captured in a zoological lab set, will be acted till 1st of August.

Shooting on Hyderabad city roads with cars would start from 1st August.


 Shooting at OLD City starts from 29th July, with a set close to the old house seen in JAGADAM movie.It lasts till 7th August.

Between there is a schedule at Ramoji Film City near the signals for a day.


First Number of the moviesong  is a Rocking solo song shot at Rajastan, comes soon after the introductory fight.

Fight Master Peter Hayens engages Prince Mahesh in fight scenes from 26th July to 7th August.He might hookup dates till August 10th casting Mahesh at Ramoji film city and Old City.

Superstar's rustic outfit is a crushed T-shirt draped partially into the trousers,wrist band to his left hand  and folds his sleeves in lovely scnens. He is duded up with stole at the collar and waist,with which he posed for Lovey-dovey scenes recorded at Rajastan. 

Namratha and Mahesh browsed Malls at Malaysia for costumes.

Some more scenes are in the pipeline to be captured at Rajastan.

Old City is once again a shooting spot after Athadu, police seekin 25k per day to facilitate shooting inspite of all odds.























  This month by 15th total movie unit is closing the shooting because of they are all tired up with hot weather in Rajasthan and they are returning back

The shooting again will starting in a month or so.


The second phase of shooting at Bankok picturising the villan scenes casting Prakash Raj and helicopter scenes were completed yesterday.

The next phase of shooting is scheduled from 21st of this month at Rajastan. 


 Searching for hero-in house is done in Hyderabad and Bangalore but did not find one so director,art director and photographer is going to Bangkok to night for shooting there.

In Bangkok scenes on hero-in mother, father and Brahmanandam will be shooting and after one week.

Movie unit will be shifting to South Africa and Namibia on 17th or 18th from HYD

Superstar Mahesh Babu introduction, solo song along with one fight will be shooting in South Africa ( Namibia), after shooting completed in South Africa (Namibia) movie unit will be shifting to Rajasthan.

Till July 20th some scenes on Superstar Mahesh Babu, hero-in and Sunil is planned in Rajasthan.

Shooting at Bankok is rescheduled from 28th May to 10th June.The crew also includes Sunil and VenuMadhav.
Another song will be taped showing Prince Mahesh and Anushka at Bankok.


The Song picturised on Prince Mahesh and Anushka recently is placed just before the interval.

Fight Master Vijayan is replaced by Peter Haynes master, who brought out excellent fights for the movie Athadu.

The talkie part scheduled to take place at Bankok is cancelled on the scheduled dates and the fight scenes will be captured from 21st to 31st of May at Hyderabad.


Fight scenes will be shot from 11th to 19th May followed by the talkies scanned in Bankok from 21st till the month end.

Another village set will be structured at Sankarpalli in Hyderabad which takes 2 months for completion.

Priyamani as second Heroine remained to be fake news.

The movie's Satellite Rights were sold by the producer for 5 crores for a TV Channel.

Singanamala Ramesh Babu burdened by producing for two movies sold the satellite rights of both the movies which filled his pocket with 10crores.


The song being filmed locking Prince Mahesh and Anushka at Ramoji Film City is completed.
The first session of shooting is witnessed by queues of Fans from far off places like Tirupati,kurnool, etc. 
The Set at Gandipet is not being taped due to unfavourable weather conditions.
Stay tuned to be updated of the next schedule in a couple of days.


A song will be taped showing Prince Mahesh and Anushka from April 20th to 27th at a picturesque high priced set at Ramoji Film City which resembles a Rajastani village.


 1st Schedule Shooting completed by yesterday.2nd schedule will be commencing from 10th April in Under construction Building with  fight scenes by Vijayan Master.


Shooting is going on @ Hi-tex Roads. Car driving scenes of Mahesh Babu will be canned today on Hi-tex roads.


Shooting will be held @ Shankar Pally Village near BHEL ..Shots will be canned on Mahesh Babu and Subba Raju form 2 PM to 9 PM.


Scenes were pictuarised on Mahesh Babu , Anushka , Venu Madhav and Subba Raju.


Today Super Star Mahesh Babu will join the shoot @ Ramoji Film City at 6:00 PM

Mahesh Babu , Anushka,Venu Madhav & 150 Models, 2200 people are participating today in the shoot.

The Shoot will be till early morning upto 29th 5 A.M


 Yesterday the shooting lasted till 12pm at Annapurna studios casting Anushka.

Today the shoot is at Ramoji Film City.


25th March,was the day one of shooting, casting Anushka and Tanikillabharani at Annapurna Studios. Today the shoot is with Anushka in the house setting.

Prince Mahesh will team up on sets from 28th March.

Watch this page hearafter for daily updates about the movie shooting.

Prince Mahesh will chip in tomorrow at Railway Station set in Ramoji Film City.

From 30th March till 1st April the shooting would be in the City outskirts.

At Gandipet, art director Anand Sai  is shaping a set valued 2 crores.

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