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Super Star Mahesh Babu :-  My fans for the love and the support they have given me and now I’m there for them. They are never content with my work, I need to do a lot more films to make them happy, they are my first priority.”

Prathibha ku prathi rupam.....Navyata ku niluvu dattam ....Super Star Mahesh Babu...
Abhimanula gundello shikaaru chestooo...Andhrula abhimana natudu ga Attyunnata sikharalu adhirohinchina Star .. "Super Star"              Mahesh Babu..

Cini kala-Jagathi lo adugu petti, tana kantoo oka vilakshna myna oravadini srustinchukuni,  Kala ne aasa ga , swasa ga malachukoni cini vineealakasam lo  ippudu NO # 01  star velugutunna ekyna natudu "SUPER STAR" Mahesh Babu.  Sanchalana kadha nayakudu.., E - tharam natudu.  76 years telugu cini charithra lo  sanchalanala ku maro peru ...Sanchalana vijayallani C/O. "Super Star" Mahesh Babu ke sontham. Collections la roopam lo tsunami nu  srustinchi.. gada gada ladinchina Yuvatharam Kadha nayakudu "SUPER STAR" MAHESH BABU..

Pokiri Industry Hit taruvata Mahesh Babu ku ..  itu telugu cinema parisrama lo, atu Midiya lo vipareetamyna craze vachindhi.. Gata okka samvasthram ga cinema ranga ni ki  dooram ga unna  "Super Star"  Mahesh gurinche meediya kody kustunnadhi.. Super Star Mahesh Babu craze dina dinaki pergutooo .. Tollywood number hero ga chelamani avutunnaru. Mahesh Babu image e mathram chekku chedara kunda... inka image perugutunnadam oka vishesham ga cheppa vachunu..Cinema choose alavatuna e rendu  prekshakulu ippudu  Super Star "Mahesh babu" gurinche matladukuntunnaru.

Okati.. rendu cinema lo flops tho janalu dooramavutunna heros kondarunna... Cinema jaya apajayalu sambandha lekunda okka sari ga unnata sikharalu adhirohinchina ekyka star.. Super Star Mahesh Babu.. Idhi aksharala nijam..

76 samvamstharala telugu chalana charithra records nu dummu dulipi... sathadinotsavam ane mata erigani C- Centres lo kooda silver jublie jarupukune mata kooda anthe nijam..Super Star Mahesh chala adbhuta natana nu kanaparustunnarani.. Mahesh Babu la ga Action cheyadam tama abhimana natula valla kooda kadani .. Other hero fans garvam ga cheppukuntunnaru.. Nijanni oppukuntunnanduku vallaku mana fans tarufuna abhininduistunnanu. ippudu ekkada choosina, vinna  Super Star "Mahesh babu" gurinche discussion...  e db choosina, e web sites open chesina , Radio FM/ News channels and magazines  anni ...."Super Star" Mahesh Babu cheya boye cinemala gurinchi.. Mahesh babu  cheya boye roles gurinchi andaru discussion jarugu tunnadhi.

Telugu prekshakula nu  tana "nata viswaroopam" tho ...manthra mugdhulanu chesthu.... oka natudu tana natana lo intha asadharana  vaividhyamyna prathibha nu choopisthu ..prekshakulanu meppisthu  Sebhash "Super Star" ga piluvabadutunnaru..  prathi cinimaku atani natana loni pari-pakvataha nu  marinthaga vistharinchi... ee roju.. yavath bharatavani drusthi ni aakarshinchi, telugu vadi satha idhi ani saharsham ga, sagarvam ga maro sari chaati cheppinna ghanudu  "superstar".. Athani prathibha  Ippudu / ikameedata  Mahesh babu sadhinche / sadistunna vijayalanu break veyadam evari taram kadu annadhi jagamerigina vasthavam.../

Finala ga cheppedi emiti ante  .... Mana Telugu Industry lo "Super Star" Mahesh nu minchina natudu leru..ika raru ...

"Super Star"  Mahesh Babu Zindabad.../



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Great Performer


Great Performer

Mediocre performances are riddled with clichés and obvious choices. Personalised, interesting moments are the exception rather than the rule. A great performance is captivating because each and every moment is specific and original, rather than general and predictable. Mahesh's understated performance in Pokiri allows him to effortlessly reclaim the title of a star, overshadowing more questionable recent career choices. His less memorable roles are easily forgiven as detours along a carefully plotted route.

In a relaxed mood in Gopannapalle on a crisp summer afternoon, Mahesh leans back into the battered sofa in his caravan and smiles. Well-spoken and immaculately groomed, he exudes low-key charisma. "When Puri first came to me with the story I had my doubts. When he came back again, this time with a re-worked script. I just shook his hands and said, `I'm doing this film.' Pokiri has broken all the records, my sister is very happy and what's surprising is that women liked the film. Maybe it's the look that worked. I had taken four months break after Athadu and grew my hair. "

About the A certificate given for the film, Mahesh refrains to comment. But he adds, "Violence was toned down. Pokiri is not a film that kids and women can't watch. My favourite part in the movie is how the character takes a tilt in the second half." There is no need to build Mahesh up, but there is this commitment, his remarkable dedication in every way — in terms of the story, in terms of understanding how a subtle reference in a scene will have an unbelievable and undeniable ripple effect down the line.

Commercial stuff

Is he going to continue the killer job he did in Athadu and Pokiri? He says, "I will not do anything similar but will definitely go for some pucca commercial stuff." Mahesh recollects the recent accident when a unit member lost his life while shooting under water. "It was very unfortunate. We keep doing these things always. There were some underwater lights, they electricians changed lines and there was a short circuit. Miraculously I got out of the pool two seconds before."Mahesh is the finest actor of his generation. Ask his director Puri Jagannadh and he says that as an actor he brings a great deal of intelligence and invention to every role he plays, he effortlessly steals movies and acts with panache. He adds, "This is the first time I'm working with him. He doesn't interfere, no changing of script and once he gets into the mood, there's no stopping him. His body language in Pokri is real."

Off screen, the `Prince' has a way of drawing you in, be it a film or into a conversation. He speaks little and in whispers. Having grown up in the spotlight, as one of the stars in Hyderabad, this man is still not used to the incessant camera flash and the tacky newspaper headlines and hates any intrusion by the press into his private life. Ask him if lady luck worked for him and he says, "Yes, after my marriage I've had two consecutive hits. I have done some really stupid films but that's been a learning experience." Is he a pokiri in a real life? He guffaws and says, "Not really, except for the fact that I'm stubborn and I know what I want."

Mahesh adds, "I believe in the ability to judge the script and the same time, work really hard, and leave the rest to god."

He reaches for his lemonade, shakes the ice around and drains the glass. "When I start acting, everything else fades. I really can't help it, the role becomes everything. It's always on my mind." He grins. "So let's just say I'm glad that at the moment I have absolutely no idea what film I might do when Sainikudu finishes. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if any offers come in." As one of South India's most exciting young actors, Mahesh surely won't be waiting long
Mile a while Mahesh Babu


mile a while Mahesh Babu feels `Okkadu' wiped away all his doubts and insecurities.



His father's superstar image has helped him but teen heartthrob Mahesh Babu still prefers doing things his own way.

All the hard work my dad put in and the indelible impression he created for himself in Telugu cinema has spilled over to my career

Ten films in five years and Mahesh Babu has already achieved the cult status accorded to top heroes. His debut film Rajakumarudu not only set the box office on fire, it also made him the chocolate-faced lover-boy of an entire generation of swooning girls. Since then he has done a spate of romantic films, blockbusters like Murari, Arjun and Okkadu among them that have struck a chord with the audience.

The lover boy image notwithstanding, Mahesh has slowly and surely moved on to do many diverse roles and proved himself as one of the most versatile performers in Telugu cinema.

When we ask the man in question how it feels to be an icon, Mahesh flashes his ever-charming smile and says modestly, "I have barely done a few films and even if some of them did not work, the majority of the audience always felt that I came up with good performances. Also, I feel that all the hard work my dad put in and the indelible impression he created for himself in Telugu cinema has spilled over to my career. I'm not sure if I would have had such a following on my own. By virtue of being his son, the legacy of the image was passed on to me."

Mahesh says he would also credit the success of his childhood films to his current screen image. "I'm also lucky to have a lot of people who love me and are constantly behind me, giving solid support. All I need to do is work hard, give a good film and make them happy. The amazing thing with the fans in Andhra Pradesh is that once they become your fan, they always remain your fans."

As a person he is reticent and believes in living life on his own terms. As an actor there's nothing artificial or contrived about him. He says, "I am a very private person. I'm here to work in films. If my films are good, the audience will watch it. I don't need to give interviews and attend talk shows to push my film. I am uncomfortable talking about myself. I love my fans. They have been there throughout. It is just that they expect too much. In a way, that's good because I am working towards keeping to their standards, learning from my mistakes."

In a field where hype and hoopla reign supreme, Mahesh is calm and confident. "It has been a learning experience. I never involve my dad in work and have always strived to make it on my own. I think I'm mature enough to select good stories but earlier, had I taken advice from my father, I am sure the outcome would have been better. But 10 or 15 years down the line, I would have to do everything on my own. So being independent was a conscious decision. I do one film at a time because that way, I can have better focus. I wanted to do different films simultaneously but that didn't work."

Talking of getting branded, Mahesh observes that Naani was a dud in the State but did well in Tamil. "Here if you have a particular image, you've got to work accordingly. I'd better stop experimenting and stick to action roles." Mahesh adds that as an actor he doesn't sink his teeth into a role believing that it is going to change his career graph. He listens to the narration and if he likes what he hears, he goes for it. He doesn't think about critical acclaim at that point. Nijam clearly facilitated the transformation of this action hero into a solid screen performer capable of delivering quality. "Yes, it was one of my best performances to date and was very difficult as well. I did Okkadu around that time and immediately went to work on this particular role. The emotions I needed to portray were heavy and Teja moulded me into the role."

Mahesh's working relationship with his directors has been very fruitful. He says all these men have different styles and it has been a tremendous experience learning the nuances of the trade. But has he ever been dogged by insecurity?

"To be honest, in the initial stages, yes. I was apprehensive about living up to people's expectations plus there was no way I wanted my dad's reputation to be tarnished even with a single bad performance. But Okkadu wiped away all my doubts and insecurities. Success can be a heady feeling and can throw you off balance so one needs to concentrate and be braced for any eventuality. Unfortunately the slots we are in, the budgets that revolve around us, it is imperative the film be a super hit. So it's not that easy handling all this."

Among all his films, Mahesh cites Arjun and Okkadu as his all-time favourites. "One reason I loved working in these films is that the whole atmosphere was peaceful. My directors took charge of just about everything including my costumes. All I had to do was just go to the sets and give them what they asked for. Arjun was a cost failure but it's close to my heart because of the standards it set. Mani Sharma had given a fantastic background score for almost all my films and he remains my favourite. And Murari was an elevating experience. My dad watched the film and never said a word. But I could see his eyes turn moist, he just choked. Those reactions keep me going."

And it looks like this hero will keep going a long, long way. As they say, like father like son


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